The Start of my life as a Blogger

This may be the start of my life as a blogger, but I can tell you all that my world has been awake for but a few years in the grand spectrum of life. Well some my call it idiotic to tell my age online, I plan to do so anyways. I am seventeen years old… going on fifty, or so it seems most days. 

Why did I tell you that? For the same reason that I would share anything I think, say, or am to anyone. Because I want you to care. I want you to read my posts, or else why would I write them. What would be the point of babbling on if no one were around to listen. 

Instead of endless paragraphs, I have decided to make a list simply because I like lists better. 

1st- I am a reader at heart, and always will be. Every novel that clatters around my mind becomes a part of my life, and ingrains pieces of itself into my essence. 

2nd- I wish to be a writer, and I am trying hard at becoming so. For what good is wishing if I do not try?

3rd- I have many siblings, one of which has special needs. Both of these facts are important because they have helped make me who I am.

4th- I do not tolerate racial or discriminatory slurs of any sort, online or off. Especially the R-word. What you ignore is what you condone, and I do not condone discrimination so I will not ignore it. 

5- I want to help change the world for the better.

6- I belong to many of Fandoms. Harry Potter, LotR, Avengers, Doctor Who, Sherlock, PJO, Narnia, THG Trilogy, and numerous others. 

7- I am a complete Nerd! (Mentioned in case you could not tell from #6!)

8-I have lived with Fibromyalgia for the last six years of my life, and there will properly never be a cure. It is constant pain, and so complex, that I can’t explain. 

9- I dislike even numbers.

10- My favorite color is green, then red, then black. 

11- Ich spreche Deutsch.(I speak German.) Though I am a little rusty.

12- I want to be happy in life. I try to keep this my goal, but I don’t always achieve it.

13- I am a vegetarian.

14- My family is originally from Ireland.

15- I am really, I mean REALLY, weird. 

16- I have Dyslexia and Dysgraphia. Despite this I am in all AP classes. 

17- I am secretly a green fire breathing dragon. Shhhh! Don’t tell! 

This is all I shall be telling you today,  but if you want to know more, ask, and I might answer. I’ll post again soon.