A Bug Bite

I just came back from the ER, and I am both confused and annoyed greatly.

About a day ago I was bitten by a bug that I did not known the type of, and I though nothing off it. Today though I wake with my arm swollen, red, hard, hot, and in pain (though that part may be my Fibromyalgia) all centered around this small bug bite. It is not even the size of a dime yet it caused all this. So naturally, I deiced that a professional should take care of it and I go to the nearby ER clinic.

The travel there was fine, minus some traffic. The forms and waiting wasn’t bad. But then we were put in a room and my vitals were taken…After that is when it started.

First we were waiting in this room for almost an hour and a half with out anyone saying anything to us.  Than when a Doctor finally came in she was friendly enough, asked questions, until we got to my medical history. When I told her I had Fibromyalgia her entire demeanor changed.  She seemed almost annoyed that I was there and dare to have Fibro. After that she basically looked at my arm, said it was kinda like cellulitis, drew a circle around the redness, and went away.  That all she did.

After they finally discharged me I was kinda angry. Why did she treat me in that manner? Is it because I have a medical condition? If so, she is in the wrong line of work.

Yeah, I know some people think Fibro is all in the head, and that we are all Hypochondriacs, but I never expected a random Dr who wasn’t even treating me for anything related to Fibro would be this way.  Other Doctors, sure. Teachers, OK. My school’s nurse, fine. But an almost stranger, I never would have though. It is odd that I never would have though a stranger would be biased against me for my illness when I know they can be, and for more than just an illness.

If your gay or strait, Republican or Democratic, pro-choice or pro-life, for war or against, even red hair or blonde, sure. I hear about it all the time. It surrounds us. But Fibro or Healthy, or even Fibro or Cancer, Fibro and a cold. Any invisible illness VS any visible one. That is discrimination, and it is WRONG, and I guess I was naive enough to think that a stranger wouldn’t discriminate me because of my illness.

But was it naivety, or perhaps wishful thinking for our world? I do not know, but I sure hope it was me being naive.